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With DigitalOwl you can automate decision-making, streamline your workflow, structure your data and engage with your medical data all from one platform.

How it works

Our Proprietary Technology

Generative AI

Our Generative AI goes beyond surface-level identification with the extraordinary ability to contextualize and comprehend the intricate nuances of medical records.

Entity Recognition

Our advanced Entity Recognition engine is highly accurate and adaptable, continuously learning from vast datasets to ensure it stays up-to-date with the latest medical terminologies and evolving language conventions.

Medical Knowledge Base

Our comprehensive platform is bolstered by a vast and constantly expanding Medical Knowledge Base, which enhances extracted data by adding medical codes and normalizing data with medical concepts, adding severity, line of business and more.

A versatile platform

Unlock smarter, faster medical reviews

Explore the benefits of a unified platform that integrates multiple modules to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
Enhanced data integration and interoperability
Streamlined workflows
Reduced training and support costs
Consistent format and user experience
Customizable solutions based on your needs
Enhanced compliance and security
Greater access to innovative improvements
Lower costs and better ROI


AI-Enhanced Medical Summaries

Maximize efficiency and reduce costs without overlooking any details amid vast data and pages, pinpointing the crucial information that’s needed.

Provides a 360-degree view of medical history.
Reduces page count by 90%.
Deduplicates records.
Cuts review time by over 50%.


AI-Driven Audit Reports

Dramatically decrease the number of cases that need to be manually reviewed by fully automating the triaging process, flagging pre-defined data points from a bulk of cases for more rigorous review. Quickly filter for compliance, misrepresentation and assignment. 

Reduces time by 72% for post-issue audits.
Enables in-depth filtering of lengthy medical records.
Quickly and accurately sifts through thousands of pages.
Saves time and money with more efficient processes.


Data API

Empower faster and more accurate decisions with a sophisticated API that standardizes and structures data, while integrating seamlessly into existing systems.

Quickly and accurately processes huge volumes of data.
Converts historical data into a usable formats for more refined studies.
Reviews paid claims for accuracy, identifying if adjustments need to be made to pricing, underwriting or application guidelines.
Maps to rules engines.


Conversational AI Assistant

Interact directly with medical records to ask questions as if the medical provider, patient or claimant were really there, probing for clarity, context and pre-existing conditions that could reveal misrepresentations or discrepancies in provided information.

Ask the chat anything about the medical record.
Access critical information in seconds.
Interview the physician as if they were there.
Easily inform your decision making.


AI-Assisted Decisions

Receive evidence-based recommendations and insights with a decision support tool that leverages entire medical datasets to automate decision trees, drawing from extensive data analysis to generate accurate answers.

Automates insurance modules.
Results in dramatic time savings.
Improves accuracy.
Easy to create.
Modular solutions

Bundle Products for Enhanced Functionality

Strategically combine products to unlock new efficiencies, dramatically improving results and functionality.

Triage + View

Flag cases that require further review and view the medical summaries for an efficient, comprehensive review of cases.

View + Chat

View the summary and query the data via a chat.

Workflows + View

Receive evidence-based recommendations and review the medical record in question with concise, human-readable summaries.

Connect + Any Product

Combine machine-to-machine communication to integrate medical information into existing systems, enhancing utility and enabling flexible backend integration or app development.

All Products

Unlock the complete range of capabilities with broad access to medical information analysis, interaction, decision support, data integration and automated processing.

Industries We Serve

Overcoming key industry challenges

Our solutions address problems that have adversely impacted insurance, claims and legal professionals for decades. Unlock the potential in your medical data with solutions designed for your industry. 

Life Insurance
See how DigitalOwl’s all-in-one platform is revolutionizing the life insurance industry by giving underwriters and claims adjusters the medical data they need when they need it. 
View Life Use Cases
P&C Insurance
Find out how DigitalOwl’s unified platform is helping P&C professionals streamline medical reviews to achieve better customer satisfaction. 
View P&C Use Cases
Discover how DigitalOwl’s advanced AI solutions can save legal professionals time and money with in-depth filtering and the ability to efficiently process thousands of pages of medical documents. 
View Legal Use Cases

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