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Post-Issue Audits

Redefine Post-Issue Audits

Unlock faster and more accurate post-issue audits, saving time and increasing the pool of cases that can be reviewed. 

Faster audits

A Targeted Approach

Improve resource allocation by only reviewing cases with misrepresentation, prioritizing cases with impairments for improved time to client and fewer backlogs.

  • Catch misrepresentations with greater accuracy.
  • Increase the number of post-issue audits that can be completed with automation.
  • Reduce the number of cases that need to be manually reviewed.
  • Free up underwriters time to focus on more complex cases.
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Greater precision

Flag pre-defined data points such as, BMI, tobacco use and number of impairments, from a bulk of cases for more rigorous review, without wasting time sifting through cases with no misrepresentation. 

Reduce mortality slippage

Increase the number of cases being reviewed for better mortality outcomes. 

Growth and training opportunities

Enhance opportunities for underwriters’ advancement and development by highlighting the key impairments that need review so there is no guesswork.

Improve resource allocation

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specialized products

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Dive in to explore how our AI-powered products can enhance speed and accuracy in claim review.


Automate the triaging process to reduce the amount of time spent on post-issue audits by up to 72%, with quick filtering for compliance, misrepresentation and assignment.


Efficiently review flagged cases with concise and accurate medical summaries of cases that need further review from Triage.


Quickly make informed decisions by automating the review of cases that have been flagged during Triage.