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Revolutionize Life Underwriting with AI

Convert unstructured data into structured formats and reduce the amount of time underwriters spend manually reviewing cases from hours to minutes.


Data-Driven Underwriting Solutions

Enhance-decision making with access to the right information, in accessible formats, increasing underwriting capacity and reducing mortality slippage.

  • De-duplicate data.
  • Standardize and structure data.
  • Access in-depth filtering.
  • Standardize underwriter training and onboarding.
  • Utilize advanced decision support tools.
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Capture key details

Enhance decision-making with a 360-degree view of an applicant’s health profile, consolidating all relevant impairments in one place and highlighting crucial details to ensure no important detail goes unnoticed.

Reduce costs

Decrease cost per case with up to 72% less time spent manually reviewing records and improve turnaround time for greater customer satisfaction.

Save time

Decrease the amount of time spent reviewing records with decision trees that automatically answer questions based on underwriting manual guidelines.

Unlock the Potential in Medical Reviews

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Explore Targeted Solutions

Dive in to explore how our AI-powered products can enhance speed and accuracy in claim review.


Transform any type of medical document into structured data, de-duplicating records and extracting key details for faster underwriting and quicker policy processing.


Feeds rules engines with structured data and analyzes historical files for mortality trends, helping underwriters identify necessary adjustments in pricing, underwriting or application guidelines.


Streamline manual underwriting by aligning medical records to the underwriting manual of your choice to act as your co-pilot for more complex underwriting. Enjoy easy decision-making with no need to map data and rules that can be set or modified within minutes.