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Unlock Consistency, Quality and Speed

Unlock consistent and accurate results, with enhanced medical content that provides a comprehensive understanding of bodily injuries, surfacing all aspects associated with the diagnosis, treatment and residual pain captured in medical records.


Empowering Faster, More Accurate Reviews

Access unprecedented precision in assessment, accelerating exposure determination and streamlining negotiations, eliminating redo work, ensuring appropriate reserving, and fostering evidence-based settlement outcomes.

  • Unlock consistent and accurate assessments for every claim.
  • Raise the quality of injury evaluation for the entire organization.
  • Reduce the amount of time needed to complete review of large demand packages.
  • Decrease variation between claim professionals.
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Optimizes time to offer

Quick and accurate reviews enable shortened time to offer, contributing to reduced litigation expenses.


Provide easy and direct verification of facts with links to the source documents, eliminating black box concerns.

Saves time

Free up nurse staff and reviewer time by surfacing key details without manual review, improving resource allocation.

Access unprecedented precision

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Dive in to explore how our AI-powered products can enhance speed and accuracy in claim review.


Access a simplified and complete view of all treatments and injuries within medical records, surfacing critical details and ensuring no medical conditions go unrecognized during review for consistent and accurate assessments of every claim.


Save time searching through records with advanced chat capabilities that enable claims professionals to directly question the medical records for immediate answers that enable them to make evidence-based decisions in less time.