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Instantly uncover medical data insights by directly chatting with the records, bypassing the needs to sift through pages for answers.

Demonstrated effectiveness

Dynamically interact with medical records

Say hello to the next level of medical data insights, where insurance and legal professionals can now directly chat with their medical records to uncover vital information with ease for more informed decisions.

Access fast and accurate information
No limit on page count
Save time
Draft letters and new communications

Break free from limitations

Chat with cases of 1 to 10,000 pages or more, in free-language form for quick access to comprehensive insights.

Access transparent results

Easily verify Chat’s answers with a provided link to the relevant source document(s).

Unleash dramatic time savings

Reduce the time spent reviewing cases with Chat’s capabilities—imagine being able to interview the attending physician about the medical records instead of sifting through pages!

Strategic Advantages

Step into the future of medical record reviews

Chat is the ultimate tool for professionals looking to leverage the power of AI in their medical record reviews.

Instant answers
Ask our Chat any medical-related question about the case and get an instant answer.
Effortless analysis
Painlessly analyze causation and liability factors in medical cases.
Language features
Take advantage of an AI-powered Chat that can produce net new language to draft letters and communications.

Experience the first and only large language model explicitly trained and fine-tuned for medical data

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Targeted industry solutions

Overcoming industry barriers

DigitalOwl is changing the way life and health insurers, P&C insurers and legal professionals interact with medical records.
How it works

The first and only GenAI chat for medical-related tasks

Continuous learning

Utilize a dynamic solution that continuously learns from vast datasets, ensuring up-to-date knowledge of current medical terminologies and language conventions.

Deeper understanding

Dive deeper than mere surface-level identification with the extraordinary ability Chat possesses to contextualize and comprehend the intricate nuances of medical records.

Greater accuracy

Unlock greater accuracy than off-the-shelf GenAI products with Chat that’s specifically trained  for medical data review by a host of medical experts, underwriters and claims adjusters.

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