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Workers’ Comp Claims

Elevate Workers’ Comp Claims 

Unlock prompt and thorough evaluations for efficient claims processing with a complete view of all treatment and injuries, a consolidation of available medical records and the ability to filter for pre-existing conditions. 

Evidence-based decisions

Precise Claims Analysis

Easily review pre-existing conditions, filter by body part and identify and expose permanency or impairments to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions.

  • Consolidate all available medical records, surfacing key information.
  • Identify improving or worsening conditions.
  • Easily identify mitigating or impairing factors.
  • Improve the assessment of return to work timelines.
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Access in-depth filtering

Take advantage of laser-focused ability to filter by specific body parts and isolate key injury-related conditions. 

Easily track changes

Improve understanding of how injuries and recovery are developing and gain a comprehensive understanding of all treatments and pre-existing conditions. 

Save time

Reduce the time it takes for manual reviews with consolidated information, freeing up staff for more complex responsibilities.

Unleash Data-Driven Insights

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Dive in to explore how our AI-powered products can enhance speed and accuracy in claim review.


Expose a complete view of all treatment and injuries within medical records, surfacing critical details in hundreds or thousands of pages.


Use in-depth filtering to efficiently search by body part to only see the information that’s relevant to the claim.


Chat with the medical record to ask nuanced medical questions for answers found in single-mentions throughout hundreds or thousands of pages of medical records, to efficiently make more informed decisions.