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AI-Assisted Decisions

WorkflowsCOming soon

Transform the complexity of creating workflows and decision trees into a straightforward, user-friendly experience.

Demonstrated effectiveness

Unleash Unprecedented Efficiencies

Automate decision-making by integrating custom workflows, adapting our template modifications, or utilizing plug-and-play presets from our expert partners to experience dramatic time savings with fast, flexible decision trees.

No limitation to what you can ask
No black box
Save time
Map data without the need for extensive IT resources

Full control and flexibility

Optimize efficiencies with our fast, flexible and easy-to-use workflows that allow you to ask about anything in the medical records. Using the dedicated UI and multiple-answer format, we ensure users have full control over AI-generated answers.

Total transparency

AI-generated decisions are determined by provided rules, ensuring fully transparent results that are free from bias or discrimination. Further, results can easily be verified with a provided link to the relevant source document(s) ensuring no black box.

No data mapping required

Save significant time by letting Workflows take over the arduous process of mapping source text data points to answers.

Automate decisions with AI

Replace complex manual processes with a smarter solution

Transform the time-consuming task of manually processing medical-related logic into a quick, intelligent and modern process with DigitalOwl’s cutting-edge technology.

Greater accuracy
Reduce the risk of errors with our AI-powered decision-maker.
Improve resource allocation
Reduce the time spent sifting through data and free up time for more complex tasks and higher-value work.
Digest any information
Take advantage of entire datasets with the ability to digest any type of medical information, including EHRs, APSs, police reports, demand letters and more.
Effortless data interpretation
No need for data mapping or conversion to address inquiries; the AI manages that seamlessly.
Improve sales capacity
Enhance sales potential by enabling comprehensive automation across a broader range of processes and products for improved efficiency.

Ensure high accuracy, no matter the file size

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Targeted industry solutions

A no-code solution for automated decisions

DigitalOwl has cracked the code to unlock greater efficiencies, optimize the process of using decision trees and improve accuracy in risk management assessments for insurance and legal professionals. All of this can be achieved directly by business users, bypassing the need for IT intervention for data mapping, thanks to our proprietary Generative AI technology.
Tailored Workflows

Customized Solutions


Build your own workflow in a code-free environment, with no constraints on what you can ask and no data mapping required for answers.


Leverage our extensive template library as a starting point to build your own workflow, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent creating or modifying decision trees.


Use preset templates made by our expert partners, complete with expert logic and reasoning built in. Just click to begin effortlessly streamlining processes.

Expand the limits of automation today