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Mass Tort

Enhance Efficiency During Mass Torts

Save time and money with more efficient mass torts, empowering legal professionals to quickly sift through millions of pages, surfacing critical medical information with unprecedented accuracy. Helping you to easily capture proof of injury, define causation and assessment of damages. 

More efficient case management

Review large amounts of medical records with speed and accuracy

Provide legal professionals with the information they need to make data-driven decisions on cases with easy filtering to identify plaintiffs that fit in class-action lawsuits.

  • Quickly and accurately reviewing all claimants no matter the size of the medical record.
  • Save money on identifying affected parties with more efficient case-filtering.
  • Easily identify bellwether cases.
  • Access concise medical summaries to review cases that qualify for class-actions.
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In-depth filtering

Easily identify plaintiffs with in-depth filtering based on condition, products bought, and more. 

Reduce costs

Reduce expenses related to investigating medical-based claims with easy identification of individuals who meet class-action criteria. 

Save time

Dramatically reduce the amount of time spent sifting through pages, freeing up legal professionals for more complex cases. 

Unlock Dramatic Time and Cost Savings

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specialized products

Explore Targeted Solutions

Dive in to explore how our AI-powered products can enhance speed and accuracy in claim review.


Quickly and efficiently review cases that meet class-action criteria with concise and comprehensive human-readable summaries.


Use in-depth filtering to find plaintiffs who meet the evolving criteria of class-action lawsuits with the ability to triage cases to focus on medical and non-medical conditions like gender, type of cancer, and much more.


Seamlessly integrate our sophisticated API into existing workflows for more efficient mass tort processing.


Experience dramatic time savings with our sophisticated AI-assisted templates and presets that create fast, flexible decision trees for determining which plaintiffs qualify for class-actions.