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A New Era of Accuracy and Efficiency

Transform the way P&C insurance, Life and Health insurance and legal professionals review medical records while structuring complex medical data.

Life Insurance

Discover new efficiencies in life underwriting, post-issue audits, mortality analysis, and claim review

Equip underwriters with the decision support tools needed to streamline the medical review process to save time, increase capacity and improve time to client, boosting customer satisfaction.

Increase underwriting capacity
Ensure no detail goes unnoticed
Decrease cost per case
Reduce mortality slippage

P&C Insurance

Streamline bodily injury and workers’ comp claims review

Eliminate the time-consuming search for details with the ability to directly question medical records, surface critical information, track changes in condition status and filter for specific impairments and body parts.

Evaluate exposures of an injury claim
Improve speed, consistency and quality of medical reviews
Easily search for pre-existing factors and disabling conditions
Improve resource allocation


Optimize mass tort, personal injury review and medical malpractice processes

Dramatically reduce the time professionals spend sifting through vast amounts of data with concise medical summaries that surface critical information and in-depth filtering that enables easy identification of individuals in a class, as well as relevant impairments and conditions.

Access a succinct summary of injuries and other critical medical information
Receive ongoing or support documentation for tort cases
Gain comprehensive look at a claimants entire medical history
Save money with more efficient canvassing

Unlock the Future of Medical Claims Review