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Self-Serve Portal

Rapid Medical Summaries

Access on-demand medical summaries with no commitments or contracts. De-duplicate records, surface critical information, and reduce manual review time for insurance and legal professionals with our innovative online platform.

Demonstrated effectivenesS

Turning Pain Points into Strategic Advantages

Pay as you go with our no-commitment portal to address critical pain points in the legal and insurance sectors with access to quick and precise medical summaries, enhancing speed, flexibility, and efficiency.

Saves time

Handle high case volume quickly and efficiently with access to concise and relevant medical summaries.

Accelerates processes

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs by giving insurance and legal professionals the information they need, how they need it.

Surfaces key information

Remove redundancies and surface critical information necessary to make informed decisions.

Improves flexibility

Access accurate and relevant medical summaries without the constraints of contracts or commitments.

Streamlined summaries

Unlock Fast Medical Summaries

Experience the only rapid medical summary solution that doesn’t require any further commitments. Unlock faster review times and receive fast access to streamlined summaries with our user-friendly interface.

Quick Access
Upload medical records to receive concise and relevant summaries in less than two hours, reducing review time and ensuring no critical details are missed.
Access medical summaries whenever they’re needed, without the constraints of contracts or minimum requirements.
No training needed
Experience effortless medical summaries, with no training needed to access or understand them.
Quick Decision-Making
Turn data analysis into a competitive advantage with rapid access to vital information, enabling well-informed decisions.

Securing trust.

The leading insurance carriers and law firms trust DigitalOwl to keep their data safe. We uphold strict compliance to both HIPAA and SOC2 standards with our comprehensive privacy and compliance program.
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Inside our Self-Serve Portal

1. Go to portal
Access our secure upload portal here. Your data security is our top priority. Share your information confidently, knowing that it is protected.
2. Upload medical records
Easily upload medical records of various sizes and formats for convenient and rapid summarization.
3. Access rapid summaries
Receive medical summaries in two hours or less, surfacing key insights and enabling faster, more informed decisions.
4. Effortlessly navigate results
Quickly find vital information without sifting through extensive documents and seamlessly navigate through uploaded records and summaries.

Experience the magic of AI-powered medical summaries today!