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Data API


Seamlessly integrate all previously unstructured and semi-structured data points into existing systems for more efficient data retrieval and analysis, enabling automation and faster, more accurate decisions.

Demonstrated effectiveness

Access Layered Data

Map different layers of information to APIs including the source document, document classifications, all mentions of medical conditions, procedures, medications and more, to fetch desired data pertinent to your use-case and easily integrate into existing systems.

No black box
Transform 10,000+ data points into meaningful information
Normalize data from diverse data sources
Access a comprehensive, longitudinal overview an individual’s medical history

Unlock meaningful insights

Transform tens of thousands of data points into meaningful information, with a comprehensive view of an individual’s impairments, medications, social history and more, empowering efficient interpretation of data.

Consolidate data from diverse sources

Normalize data from diverse sources such as, EHRs, APSs, handwritten notes and more, consolidating them into a single coherent source that eliminates the need for separate rules engines and streamlines decision-making processes.

Extract and group data

Maximize efficiency with advanced data extraction and grouping that forms a comprehensive overview of an individual's medical history. Let our platform do the heavy lifting of data extraction and organization, freeing you up to build agile and swift rules engines.

Transparent and compliant

Access comprehensive medical data from one unified platform

Eliminate the challenges of trying to manage multiple systems and data formats with fragmented and incomplete data, slash processing times and boost efficiency with our sophisticated API.

Full transparency
Audit, monitor, and understand the rationale behind every decision with an API that traces every piece of medical information back to the source, eliminating the black box.
Seamless integration
Works with all rules engines, platforms, and workbenches to effortlessly ingest data into existing systems and optimize decision-making capabilities for faster, more accurate decisions.
Scalable and Future-Ready
Future-proof operations with an API that’s scalable and adaptable to future needs and technological advancements.
Offers an “ACORD-aligned” solution to complement this emerging and important industry standard.

Securing trust.

The leading insurance carriers and law firms trust DigitalOwl to keep their data safe. We uphold strict compliance to both HIPAA and SOC2 standards with our comprehensive privacy and compliance program.
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Unparalleled flexibility

Connect offers remarkable flexibility, allowing clients to seamlessly retrieve and integrate data as needed, whether it's for rules engines, workbenches, or triggering custom workflows—ensuring reliable performance across all applications.
Rules Engines

Enable automation of complex decisions based on predefined criteria, reducing manual oversight and speeding up operations.


Retrieve essential information and human-like paragraphs summarizing cases or impairments directly on workbenches, equipping teams with a tool for more informed decisions.

Trigger existing workflows

Effortlessly trigger existing workflows based on specific data points or conditions identified within the medical data, ensuring relevant information is easily accessible when it’s needed.

How it works

Unveiling Multi-Layered Data Extraction

The problem

Existing standards, such as FHIR and CDA, are very limited when it comes to understanding or deriving insights from raw medical data and fail to provide a comprehensive, longitudinal overview of an individual's medical history.

The solution

Our data standard maps multiple layers into associated APIs, providing a complete understanding of an individual’s medical history while maintaining full transparency.

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