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Our partnerships are integral to our mission of delivering cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled service to our clients.

Leverage the experts
Gain unmatched expertise through custom-tailored solutions for medical records, empowering you and your clients with unprecedented precision and efficiency.
Access advanced technologies
Adopt cutting-edge AI technologies that can dramatically increase efficiency, allowing your organization to focus on core business activities without the distraction of developing complex solutions for medical reviews.
Increase revenue
Leverage innovative AI solutions to increase accuracy, boost efficiency, improve time to client and increase capacity, ultimately driving revenue growth.
Trusted by those who review medical records
Trusted by those who review medical records
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There’s a place for you in our dynamic ecosystem of cutting-edge innovation.
Reseller Partners

Become a part of our reseller network to distribute cutting-edge insurance technology solutions. Enhance your product portfolio with our industry-leading software, benefiting from specialized training, dedicated support, and competitive pricing to expand your market reach.

Referral Partners

Leverage your network by referring companies in need of advanced medical analysis solutions. Earn commissions for each successful referral that results in a new client, with no need for upfront investment or inventory management.

Affiliate Partners

Promote our insurance technology solutions through your online platforms and earn commissions for sales generated via your unique affiliate link. Access a variety of promotional materials and use real-time tracking tools to maximize your marketing campaigns.

Technology Partners

Collaborate with us to integrate your technology with our insurance platforms, creating innovative solutions that lead the market. This partnership is ideal for companies aiming to co-develop and co-market integrated solutions, fostering mutual growth and customer success.


Partner testimonials

"I’ve been working with DigitalOwl for a very long time and it’s one of my favorite companies that I work with."

Diana Greenberg

President of Total Financial

"DigitalOwl has revolutionized our claims and underwriting processes. It has reduced the amount of time it takes to review an APS and come to a decision."

Dan Brown

Chief Underwriter at The Baltimore Life Insurance

"DigitalOwl is easy to use, enabling us to innovate with our underwriters, not at them. This approach keeps our underwriters engaged, while driving meaningful innovation in our processes."

Erin McClintock

Director of Underwriting Innovations at Nationwide

"DigitalOwl wasn’t just about medical summaries or extracts for underwriters to consume, they were also bringing infrastructure for that data to be consumed later by machines in rules engines."

Rohan Chittal

Chief Underwriter at

AAA Life Insurance Company

"The standard RGA has landed on is the medical standard developed by the DigitalOwl team. Their standards allow more complex cases to run through automated underwriting systems. They also provide the next level of evidence optimization and strengthen the invaluable feedback loop around in-force assessments. The solution will also be “ACORD-aligned” to complement this emerging and important industry standard"

Dave Rengachary

Senior Vice President of U.S.
Individual Life Underwriting at RGA

Driving Innovation

Collaborating for Success

Together, we can embark on a journey of discovery and transformation, shaping the future landscape of insurance and legal technology.
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