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Optimize Long-term Care Processes

Efficiently analyze long-term care applications for impairments and review claims for misrepresentation, saving time.


Enhanced Analysis

Surface key details with concise medical summaries, enhanced impairment analysis and access to in-depth filtering for specific impairments or disabling conditions.

  • Find crucial details that are difficult to locate in medical records.
  • Search for missing records.
  • Highlight key medical details with unprecedented accuracy.
  • Save time manually searching through medical data.
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97% accuracy

Maintain high accuracy with AI’s ability to achieve precision rates of 97% or higher.

Saves time

Improve resource allocation, by dramatically reducing the time it takes to review medical records.


Provide easy verification of facts with links to the source documents, eliminating black box issues.

Achieve Unprecedented Accuracy

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Explore Targeted Solutions

Dive in to explore how our AI-powered products can enhance speed and accuracy in claim review.


Access a complete view of all impairments and disabling conditions, ensuring no key details are missed to make more accurate and informed decisions.


Directly question the medical records with our advanced AI chat capabilities for immediate answers that free up humans to focus on more important issues.


Automate impairment analysis to swiftly answer the specific questions clinicians and underwriters typically need to ask.