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AI-Enhanced Medical Summaries


Access a 360-degree view of an individual's medical history and de-duplicate data to surface critical details within hundreds of pages of medical records, with click-to-evidence for easy verification.

Demonstrated effectiveness

Optimize the medical review process

View is tailored to our client’s specific lines of business to ensure no detail goes unnoticed and irrelevant and duplicate information is suppressed, enabling swift and accurate risk assessments.

Efficiently sift through thousands of pages
72% Time Savings
Identify misrepresentations
Quickly filter cases to review relevant information

Process any type of medical file

Transform every type of unstructured or structured data into a concise summary, including scanned documents and EHRs.

Unlock complete panoramic insight

Access a 360-degree view of individual medical data, including substance use, family history, and relevant hobbies, with timelines, graphs, and flags for easy visualization.

Enhance the data

De-duplicate data for clearer insights and a comprehensive understanding of severity, rolling all individual mentions of an impairment into a typical medical concept.

Strategic Advantages

Cut through the noise

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual reviews, information overload, and headaches from unstructured data.

Ensure high accuracy

Achieve peace of mind with 97% accuracy and click-to-evidence sourcing for easy verification.


With click-to-evidence, our users are one click away from the truth, ensuring no “black box” issues.

Regulation aligned

Enjoy peace of mind with a solution that’s aligned to industry AI regulations and upholds strict compliance to both SOC2 and HIPAA requirements.

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Unlock AI-Driven Audit Reports

1. Data is ingested
Digitize medical documents from any format, such as Prescription Data, Lab Data, EHRs, PDFs, doctor's notes and images, to convert it into structured data.
2. Data is extracted
Access precise case insights, surfacing critical details that are easily missed by the naked eye.
3. Data is enriched
Quickly establish relationships between impairments and procedures, to equip underwriters with the data they need to make more informed decisions.
4. Summaries are ready to view
Enjoy succinct and precise medical summaries, meticulously crafted to surface every critical detail, ensuring nothing important is overlooked.

Unlock AI-Enhanced Medical Summaries

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