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Life insurance

Empowering underwriters and actuaries

Discover how DigitalOwl’s all-in-one platform is revolutionizing the life insurance industry by empowering underwriters and actuaries with the ability to structure and leverage the data extracted from their medical records for unparalleled insights.

Deeper Insights

Empower more informed decisions

Enhance understanding of medical records with a 360-degree view of data, in-depth filtering and chat features for deeper insights, more efficient processes and improved accuracy.

Proven results

Boost efficiency in medical reviews

Enable data-driven decisions by deduplicating medical data and surfacing critical details in lengthy records to improve time to client and decrease mortality slippage.

Streamline underwriting processes with deduplicated data, in-depth filtering and standardized data.
Reduce the time it takes to review medical records from hours to minutes.
Increase underwriting capacity.
Standardize underwriter training.
Gain a comprehensive view of an individual’s health profile by viewing all relevant impairments in one place.

Optimize life insurance processes

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