Our product automatically analyzes medical documents, helping improve the speed and accuracy of risk selection and claim settlement.
The processes of Underwriting and Claim Analysis are labor-intensive and error-prone. Claim adjusters and Underwriters are required to read and analyze hundreds of medical documents per case.
Work Faster

Using state-of-the-art language processing, the platform performs the labor-intensive work of extracting all meaningful medical information from hundreds or even thousands of pages of records, saving hours of time for the Underwriter or Claim Analyst.

Understand the Story
Be More Accurate

Expensive third party medical reviewers can fail to find relevant medical evidence hidden within the mountain of papers. 
The platform never gets bored or tired and doesn't miss a thing.

Each policyholder and claim has a story to tell.  The extracted medical information is presented chronologically on a graphical timeline, allowing the user to search and filter the information by a medical condition, date, body part, and body system.

The platform detects pre-existing conditions, medication side effects, conflicts with the policyholder's application, unattended referrals and more.

Be Smarter
Know the Risk

Depending on the rules applied and the insurance product, the system is able to generate a case summary with claim settlement and underwriting recommendations.


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Underwriting & Claim Management

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