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Why Can’t I Just Use ChatGPT? Understanding the Limitations of Generalized AI Solutions

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May 14, 2024
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The widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of medical record evaluations within the insurance and legal sectors. These cutting-edge AI business solutions are revolutionizing the medical record review process by generating comprehensive medical record summaries, facilitating access to layered data, and, in some cases, even enabling direct interaction between reviewers and medical records for prompt responses. As a result, many organizations that have adopted these AI tools are experiencing remarkable gains in efficiency, significant reductions in time spent reviewing records, and dramatic cost savings.

However, the widespread integration of AI business solutions has also sparked inquiries about how to use AI. What are the best AI tools for business? Does ChatGPT work for medical record reviews? What’s the difference between generalized and specialized AI products?

This article will explain some of the key differences between ChatGPT and specialized AI products, including vital considerations such as transparency, security and ethics.

Broad vs Targeted Approaches

Generalized AI is Versatile, but Lacks Fine-tuning

ChatGPT can be used by businesses, researchers and developers across industries. This versatility makes it a powerful tool for industry professionals to streamline mundane tasks, such as writing emails and searching the internet for answers. However, ChatGPT’s wide range of capabilities is accompanied by certain limitations, such as the following:

  • Relies on broad internet data
  • Lacks specialized focus
  • Lacks in-depth industry knowledge
  • Struggles to navigate complex tasks (such as medical record reviews)

This is where proprietary, specialized AI models shine. Unlike generic counterparts such as ChatGPT, DigitalOwl's AI is meticulously calibrated for the intricacies of medical record reviews. Anchored by our extensive Medical Knowledge Base, we have the leading machine-learning platform for interpreting medical records and supporting underwriters, claims adjusters and legal professionals in their tasks. Consider the following benefits of our proprietary AI:

  • Trained for medical data review
  • Fine-tuned by a host of medical experts, underwriters and claims adjusters
  • More accurate than generalized AI products
  • Able to contextualize medical nuances
  • Can empower more informed decision making

How Much Information Can AI Process?

Generalized AI is limited in what it can contextualize.

Traditional AI assistants and chatbots, like ChatGPT, can only process a limited amount of information at once. This is known as a “context window.” Once this limit is reached, AI chatbots can no longer take the context of a situation into account when making suggestions or taking action. This can be problematic for medical record reviews, as medical records can be thousands of pages long.

In contrast, DigitalOwl’s proprietary Chat isn’t limited by a context window. Our Chat can contextualize medical records of any length, for enhanced decision-making and greater accuracy.

How Can I Trust AI Results?

Verifying results poses challenges for generalized AI.

With many AI solutions, the lack of transparency in results poses a significant challenge. It can be difficult to ascertain the accuracy of AI results or determine their origins. This is commonly referred to as a "black box.” When an AI solution is not transparent, AI models can come to decisions without providing any reason or logic as to why or how their decision was reached. This can create legal, reputational or regulatory risks for organizations, particularly in scenarios where AI algorithms may perpetuate social injustices or bias.

In contrast, DigitalOwl maintains complete control over our technology, ensuring transparency and eliminating any concerns regarding black boxes. Our products have "click-to-evidence" functionality, enabling effortless verification of results and eliminating the black box issue. With our solution, source documents are directly linked, allowing users to quickly and easily locate the origin of information and ensure its accuracy.

Understanding AI Accuracy

Tailored technology boosts accuracy.

When comparing AI business solutions, hallucinations are often a significant worry. A “hallucination” in this context refers to instances where AI produces erroneous or fabricated information, undermining the integrity and reliability of the system. This can be especially alarming when combined with the lack of transparency common with some AI products, as users have a limited ability to ascertain the validity of results.

DigitalOwl’s AI-powered solutions address this concern head-on with a powerful combination of cutting-edge technologies: Our proprietary Gen AI model, advanced Entity Recognition system, and extensive Medical Knowledge Base. Working in harmony, these technologies eradicate inaccuracies and false predictions, cementing the reliability of our AI solutions.

Ensuring Data Security and Privacy

Proprietary AI solutions mean greater accountability.

There are various concerns surrounding the sharing of sensitive information with generalized AI sources, like ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is highly versatile and secure for general purposes, it doesn’t specialize in the high specificity and regulatory compliance required for sectors like insurance and legal. Therefore, sharing sensitive information, such as medical data, with ChatGPT could lead to heightened privacy risks.

Data security and privacy are paramount to DigitalOwl’s operations. From encryption practices to regular security audits, we prioritize the protection of your information at every step. Leveraging industry-standard best practices, we ensure that your data is shielded from unauthorized access both in transit and at rest. Moreover, our vigilant surveillance, including 24/7 logging and monitoring and real-time threat detection mechanisms, guarantees the safety and security of our systems and data. We also prioritize confidentiality, ensuring that the information entrusted to us remains strictly within the confines of our services.

With robust certifications and attestations, such as SOC Type II and HIPAA compliance, we demonstrate our commitment to maintaining compliance with stringent regulatory standards. At DigitalOwl, transparency is key, and we provide you with the information you need to understand how your data is protected. Rest assured, with DigitalOwl's solutions, your security and privacy are in trusted hands.


Generalized AI solutions present various challenges for industry-specific solutions, such as medical record reviews. In contrast, proprietary AI models, like DigitalOwl, offer tailored solutions, addressing these challenges with greater accuracy and transparency than many generalized products.

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