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What Is DigitalOwl?

Published On
May 17, 2020
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DigitalOwl is the leading AI-powered platform for insurance, claims and legal professionals to transform complex medical records into actionable insights. Our all-in-one platform enables customers to transform structured and unstructured data into concise medical record summaries and spreadsheets within hours, not days, reducing time spent by up to 72% while maintaining 97% accuracy.

We offer unparalleled versatility, with a platform that is adept at processing any kind of medical record or file, including attending physician statements, electronic medical records, prescriptions, diagnoses, lab results, and more. Our cutting-edge technology can even analyze handwritten notes. Better yet, it reduces page count by 90% and is fully transparent, meaning customers can click directly to the evidence, eliminating issues of the black box phenomenon and greatly reducing the risk of false-positives.

Our platform addresses problems that have adversely impacted the medical record review process for decades, streamlining the review process of medical records and enhancing the efficiency, accuracy and consistency of results. With our platform, insurance underwriters can more efficiently assess risk and legal experts can build stronger cases with greater confidence.

Our suite of AI-powered products, “View,” “Triage,” “Connect,” “Chat,” and “Workflows” are each meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our “View” product enables customers to harness the full potential of their medical data by providing a 360-degree view of an applicant's medical history, enabling accurate and efficient risk assessments. Our “Triage” product empowers clients to assess and prioritize multiple cases rapidly, conduct audits, triage cases, and identify potential misrepresentations swiftly and accurately. Our “Connect” product is a sophisticated API that allows the seamless integration of our AI-powered medical record review capabilities into clients’ existing systems, enabling efficient data retrieval and analysis. This module is built for IT teams looking for advanced capabilities, enabling them to map to rules engines, access their data and integrate it within existing systems. Our “Chat” product allows clients to directly interact and chat with their medical records, enabling them to uncover vital information with ease for more informed decisions. This revolutionary product allows our customers to ask the medical records any medical question, assess critical information in seconds and interview the medical records as if the attending physician were really there. Finally, “Workflows” automates decision-support processes by integrating custom workflows, adapting our template modifications, or utilizing plug-and-play presets from our expert partners to experience dramatic time savings with fast, flexible decision trees.

Just as crucially, we are committed to bold, but responsible innovation, addressing and mitigating many of the major concerns associated with AI use. We maintain strict adherence to both HIPAA and SOC2 standards. Moreover, our proprietary AI products streamline the process of searching and extracting data and compare it to the manuals clients are already using, without trying to predict or determine medical situations. It doesn’t change the decision-making processes that carriers have been using successfully for decades. This prevents issues of discrimination or correlation-based decision-making from occurring.

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DigitalOwl is the leading InsurTech platform empowering insurance professionals to transform complex medical data into actionable insights with unprecedented speed and accuracy. “View,” “Triage,” “Connect” and “Chat,” with medical data for faster, smarter medical reviews, and create “Workflows” to experience dramatic time savings with fast, flexible decision trees.