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The Nest was designed to inform users on any organizational changes or announcements, and it can also serve as a source for industry insights and trends. We will frequently update The Nest with helpful videos, company blog posts, insightful infographics, success stories, upcoming events we plan to attend and much more.  

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How to Read the Abstract Tutorials

Case Overview

Impairments Rundown

The Document Abstract

How to Find All Handwritten Documents

How to Find All Instances of a Specific Lab Test

How to Find All Instances of a Specific Procedure

How to Add the "Go Back" Button

How to Find All Instances of Medications

The Abstract for Claims

More resources available at the DigitalOwl University.

Video Library

DigitalOwl & MIB

Watch as Carolyn McAvinn of MIB and Jennifer Richards of DigitalOwl discuss the collaborative partnership that has combined the power of DigtialOwl's AI with MIB's leading EHR solution to empower underwriters to make more confident and efficient underwriting decisions.


Using our AI-powered medical record summarization technology, MIB has created QuickView — a standardized and consolidated output that summarizes an applicant's overall clinical health profile. This underwriter-friendly output improves the usability of data and expedites the underwriting process.

What do we do at DigitalOwl?

DigitalOwl & RGA

DigitalOwl & Catholic Order of Foresters


Streamlining Underwriting Review

How Insurers Can Achieve Fully Automated Underwriting at Scale

Series A Announcement

DigitalOwl at ITC 2021

DigitalOwl at Nat Comp 2021

DigitalOwl’s Company Blog 


Looking for more on Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?    

How Does Natural Language Processing (NLP) Differ from Other Subsets of Artificial Intelligence? 

Why Medical Records Are Challenging for Artificial Intelligence

The Value of Medical Records Summarization 

Case Studies 


DigitalOwl finds nearly 3x as many meaningful findings in a medical record when compared to a doctor manually reviewing records.

Case Studies

Upcoming Events

Thumbnail photo announcing DigitalOwl will be at the MTMP Conference April 11 - 15th, 2023

MTMP Live Seminar

The quantity of information in medical records is rising daily, making it increasingly more difficult and time consuming to adequately review records. See how our platform, which harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), can increase your team's efficiency.

Thumbnail photo announcing that DigitalOwl will be attending the AHOU Conference April 16th-19th, 2023

AHOU 22nd Annual Conference

Underwriting is evolving, and automation powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is leading the charge. Ride the wave of change with DigitalOwl at this year's AHOU conference.

Thumbnail that reads: Panel Discussion. Rise of the Machines: How AI and Machine Learning Are Driving the Future of Underwriting. March 14, 2023 - 9:45 AM. The Aria - Las Vegas, NV. Yuval Man, Co-founder and CEO

Who’s ready to talk AI’s impact on underwriting at IPipeline’s Connections Conference in a few weeks?

Thumbnail that reads: How Can You Build Better Collaboration? Find out in NYC! InsurTech NY Spring Conference. March 29 - 30. New York City, NY

It’s always a good time in New York City for the Insurtech NY Spring Conference! Our entire team is looking forward to joining the collaboration conversation and explaining how you can build it by utilizing our AI-powered medical summarization platform.



If you’re attending any of these events and would like to meet with DigitalOwl on site, contact us today! 



With the rise of artificial intelligence, the insurance landscape is changing. Watch our VP of Life Insurance Jennifer Richards and Underwriting Consultant Sterling Brody at 11 AM discuss AI’s impact on underwriting.

Thumbnail that reads: The challenges of underwriting: How AI-powered Medical Record Summarization Can Help. On Demand Webinar. Jennifer Richards. Sterling Brody.
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