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Our Biggest & Most Advanced Release Yet

V4.0 of our Digital Underwriting Abstract (DUA), Digital Claims Abstract (DCA) and Digital Medical Abstract (DMA) has officially launched! By utilizing generative models in this new version, we’re delivering a more advanced abstract without compromising the quality of results. This state-of-the-art AI Technology provides users with both a comprehensive analysis for the entire medical history and a succinct narrative summary of each medical encounter.


Enhanced Medical Narrative

Alignment to Business Processes

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V4.0 Features at a Glance

Watch our two minute overview video!

Read the Full Press Release Now!

More Succinct

You’ll quickly notice the succinctness of V4.0. The version has less medical items to browse, less overall text and a lower number of pages to comb through, further decreasing the time it takes to examine a medical record. This streamlined approach has reduced the number of impairments in the rundown by 300%.

5x    Reduction in Summary Length

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DigitalOwl’s V4.0 Reduces the DMA’s length by 5x. How?

By having fewer medical items to browse, less text and fewer pages, we were able to greatly enhance the succinctness of our abstract without sacrificing any relevant medical information. 

Thumbnail with text: Delivering More with Less. Less Text. Less Medical Items. Less Overall Pages.
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Enhanced Medical Narrative

V4.0 enhances users’ narrative understanding of a case tremendously. Users will not only see updates to current timelines but also new timelines within the updated chronological overview. As for context of the case, generative models are used to enhance our abstract with automatically generated, human-like text summaries of all encounters, making it easier for users to quickly understand the key points of their case narrative.

Human-like text summarization

Chronological overview

The Evolution of Automated Medical Summarization: A Generative Text Breakthrough

From keyword detection to abstractive summarization, our white paper outlines the evolution of automated medical summarization.

Thumbnail with the following text: Whitepaper: The Evolution of Automated Medical Summarization: A Generative Text Breakthrough

Aligned to Business Processes

We’ve structured V4.0 to further align with users’ business processes by aligning impairments with underwriting manuals as well as adding a new habits section, clear severity levels, a new case overview layout and updates to the medications, blood and urinalysis profile sections. For ten of the most prevalent impairments, the DUA will present additional relevant information so users can make more informed decisions on how to handle each impairment, taking into account the specific risks and potential complications associated with it.

Surfaces Relevant Info for Specific Decisions icon

Clear definition of severity levels

Impairments aligned with underwriting manuals

DigitalOwl Partners with RGA to Align DUA with Underwriting Manual

We’re working with RGA to refine and advance our Digital Underwriting Abstract (DUA) and Key Impairment Analyses (KIAs), further delivering carriers the ability to reduce costs and cycle time while simultaneously improving product pricing.

Thumbnail with the following Text: DigitalOwl and RGA announce New Partnership to Strengthen Underwriting Processes within the Industry.
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Get a Sneak Peek

Check out our walk through of V4.0!

Video Tutorials

We’ve compiled several video tutorials that will walk you through how you can navigate our new version.

Explore them below!

Guided Demo

The Case Overview

The Document Abstract

The Impairment Rundown

Download A Sample Summary

Give your team more (with less) by seeing V4.0 in action. 

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