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V3 Overview

DigitalOwl utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to index the medical records into a comprehensive, interactive document and natural language processing (NLP) to make the connection between technology and human intelligence with context to what the technology has found. 

Our latest version continues to focus on what it important to the underwriter and ways to help alleviate the time reviewing hundreds – possibly thousands - of pages, saving them time, and allowing their expertise to focus on interpreting their findings and making the appropriate decision.

Overview Page

The first page of our Digital Underwriting Abstract has an updated look and feel to bring attention to key elements which are important to an underwriter when considering key impairments and health indicators. The Overview Page provides a starting point to bring to the forefront medical conditions and impairments to consider quickly before investigating further.  

Overview Page graphic highlighting case details, key impairment icons, key health indicators, timeline view, key impairment list

Case Details

The area provides a snapshot of when the summary was created, the person’s name and gender, and number of pages analyzed. 

case details example

Key Health Indicators

Key health indicators are summarized and calculated to shorten the process for the underwriter with blue and white boxes. Numbers such as cholesterol, BMI, and blood pressure are averaged to save the underwriter time calculating. 

Hovering on one of the blue boxes will present last year’s average, median, and last value including its date, and list of appearances with the date. A dot on the top left signifies if there are relevant key impairments linked. A white box indicates the model did not find these indicators.

example of key health indicators

Timeline View

  • Each bar on the timeline represents the occurrence of a key impairment

  • Labels appear for impairments that are classified as high severity

  • Hovering over each bar shows the dates that the key impairment was identified

  • Clicking on one of the bars leads to the relevant source document

Example of timeline

Key Impairment Icons

The icons indicate the most severe impairments found in the case. Each icon links to the relevant key impairment analysis page. 

Key Impairment List

A list of all major key impairments are listed and then grouped under the main key impairment. When hovering over an item, the list shows the date range and applicable key extraction. Once the user clicks on the key impairment, this will lead to the related analysis page.

example of key impairment list

Impairments Rundown

The Impairments Rundown includes a short summary of each key impairment and its underlying impairments.

example of impairments rundown

For each impairment, the summary in the rundown includes dates of mention, associated impairments, medications and procedures - where applicable and available.

animation of using the tool

Key Impairments Analysis

Each Key Impairment Analysis is a full summary on an impairment level of all the relevant information required in order to analyze the specific impairment and includes 3 main sections:

  1. Timeline - specific timeline of all related impairments

  2. Dashboards - more details in the key impairment analysis dashboard section

  3. Summary of all documents mentioning related impairment

example of key impairment analysis

Other New Additions

A family history dashboard

Most recent visit summary

Including within the last 12 months:

  • A medication list

  • Any abnormal lab results

  • All recent procedures

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