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DigitalOwl Partners with Medchart

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Medchart and DigitalOwl Modernize Medical Data Retrieval & Analysis for Personal Injury & Mass Tort

Partnership boosts time-to-insight for medical data crucial to personal injury cases

TORONTO – April 6, 2022 – Medchart today announced a partnership with DigitalOwl to spur the digital transformation of the medical data retrieval and analysis process for personal injury and mass tort law firms. Together, these companies provide law firm customers with medical data access and natural language processing (NLP)-based analytics, all from within the Medchart user experience.

Medical record retrieval and review is critical to personal injury law practice, but traditionally it is a highly manual and time-consuming process. Staff spends an inordinate amount of time routinely reviewing thousands of pages of claimant medical, pharmacy, billing, and other records to get the information they need for a claimant’s case. As a result, law firms are turning to technology to retrieve their clients’ medical information and analyze the data to gain the insights to support the case quickly and at scale.

“Medchart empowers law firms with their much-needed digital transformation by securely collecting and contextualizing data they need to inform important lawsuits,” said Sean Allen, senior vice president of sales and marketing for DigitalOwl. “Our partnership unleashes additional productivity and efficiency gains for medical record retrieval and review. At its core, the partnership between our companies enables personal injury law firms to leverage our innovative natural language processing technology to analyze and interpret medical records, which allow the firms to modernize processes to represent clients’ interests better.”

Medchart empowers personal injury law firms to practice more profitably by dramatically reducing the hours spent preparing medical data requests, obtaining client authorizations, and reviewing the records for the fundamental criteria critical to a case’s success. After uploading scanned medical records to the Medchart platform, DigitalOwl generates a focused medical summary dataset with multiple filtering options and simple navigation. Applying DigitalOwl’s AI and NLP technology, users get the most relevant data from medical records in a fraction of the time.

“With DigitalOwl, Medchart provides our customers with medical record summarization technology simply and intuitively from within the Medchart interface they use now,” said Alex Hrynkiewicz, vice president of growth at Medchart.