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Our DMA empowers attorneys, paralegals and clinical experts to be more efficient and helps ensure they don’t miss any key medical information.

The Leader in digitizing traditional APSs, EMRs and all other medical evidence.

Introducing the new and improved DMA! This version comes with a 360-degree view of key medical conditions, allowing your team to review case records faster by eliminating the time wasted manually extracting medical data.

360° View of Medical Conditions: Social, Diagnostic Procedures, Conditions, Symptoms, Medications, Family History, Specialist Visits, Therapeutic, Lab Results and Complications.

Detailed snapshot of date of loss, claim specifics, chronology/timeline, pre-existing conditions, pre and post-accident, oncology events…

Excerpts from the original APS for key information on bodily injury, medication use and specific cancers tied to mass torts

Highlights of all encounters and providers for each encounter

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Use Cases

Bodily Injury Cases

Mass Tort for Claimant Identification, Validation & Case Preparation

Medical Malpractice

Structured Like a Chronological Medical Case Summary


The overview page brings attention to key elements which are important to your team when considering key medical conditions and health indicators. 

Screenshot with text to the side that highlights what the document says that reads: Case header provides total page count with a link to any documents the model was not able to analyze (e.g. handwritten, EKGs). Generative Text AI provides a high level summary of the entire medical history. Timeline highlights significant medical impairments including any changes in severity or if resolved. All significant impairments in chronological order with color coding for severity.
Screenshot with text to the side that highlights what the document says that reads: Habits section provides specific data points if alcohol, tobacco or other substance use/abuse are found. Significant family history is noted; hover to see details from original document. Recent medical encounters are summarized via Generative Text AI.
Screenshot with text to the side that highlights what the document says which reads: All medical documents are summarized via generative text AI in date order. Date order applies even if there are multiple source documents.
Graph showing Traumatic Injury, CT Scan, Rehabilitation Therapy, Whiplash Injury, Brain Concussion and Blood Chemistry

Enabling Confident Decisions

The Key Medical Condition Analysis provides all the data your legal team requires to make a key decision (injuries, treatments, tests, etc.). We have over 400 Analyses!

-    Medications
-    Key health indicators
-    Family history
-    Lab results
-    Most recent visit summary
-    Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Streamline Your Review Process Today.

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