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Created by Underwriters, for Underwriters

The DUA is our flagship product here at DigitalOwl. It provides underwriters with a 360-degree view of an applicant’s entire medical record: traditional APSs, EMR and other requirements such as labs, Rx and medical claims.

360° View of Key Impairments: Social, Diagnostic Procedures, Conditions, Symptoms, Medications, Family History, Specialist Visits, Therapeutic, Lab Results and Complications.

All the factors needed for preferred and credits: BP average, cholesterol, BMI and family history

Excerpts from the original APS for key information on alcohol/tobacco use, key impairments and family history

Highlights of all medications, diagnostic tests, procedures, and abnormal lab tests within the past year

Structured Like an Underwriting Manual


The overview page brings attention to key elements which are important to an underwriter when considering key impairments and health indicators.

Screenshot with text to the side that highlights what the screenshot says, which reads: Case header provides total page count with a link to  any documents the model was not able to analyze (e.g. handwritten, EKGs). Generative Text AI provides a high level summary of the entire medical history. Timeline highlights significant medical impairments including any changes in severity or if resolved. All significant impairments in chronological order with color coding for severity.

Key Impairments Analysis

Screenshot with text to the side that highlights what the screenshot says, which reads: Each major disease category is grouped together to facilitate comprehensive review. A timeline of events quickly highlights disease progression. All related diseases are grouped together using DigitalOwl's proprietary medical hierarchy. The additional details section provides all the relevant data points required to underwrite each disease. DigitalOwl has partnered with RGA to customize these data points to align to underwriter's needs.
Diabetes: type 1, type 2, hyperglycemia, gestational, diabetes… Rx- insulin, Metformin, Januvia… Comorbid, conditions: Heart dx, Kidney dx, Neuropathy, Cardiovascular… Fasting blood sugar, Hgb A1c, Kidney function, Tobacco and alcohol use.

The Key Impairments Analysis provides all the data underwriters require to make a key decision (medications, complications, severity, diagnostic tests, comorbid conditions, etc.). We have over 400 KIA’s!

-    Medications
-    Key health indicators
-    Family history
-    Lab results
-    Most recent visit summary
-    Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures


Streamline Your Life Underwriting Process Today.

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