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Kevin McCarthy, Former Unum US CEO, Joins DigitalOwl Advisory Board

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June 1, 2021
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Kevin McCarthy, former Chief Operating Officer of Unum Group and CEO of Unum US, has joined the Advisory Board of DigitalOwl, a Tel Aviv-based developer of AI solutions for insurance companies, reinsurers, TPAs, law firms, and others who depend on accurate and complete medical information to make decisions and manage risk.

Mr. McCarthy has extensive experience in the employee benefits industry and brings a wealth of knowledge in insurance products, marketing, risk management, technology, and strategy.  His experience extends across many markets in

N. America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, bringing a strong global perspective to this advisory role.

Mr. McCarthy:

"DigitalOwl's cutting-edge AI business solution brings a new level of efficiency and accuracy to the core functions of insurers and I'm looking forward to helping the DigitalOwl team navigate their numerous market opportunities"

About DigitalOwl

DigitalOwl has developed an AI system for underwriters, claim analysts, and others in the insurance ecosystem, primarily working with health-related insurance products such as Life, Disability/Income Protection, Long Term Care, Workers’ Compensation, Health, Accident/Personal Injury, and Voluntary/Supplemental products.  The system reads, contextualizes, and summarizes medical documents accurately and quickly.

Using a proprietary state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, the system extracts all relevant medical information necessary to assess risk, manage a claim, or work on a legal case.  A deep understanding of the medical text creates a complete set of medical data points in a robust, summarized, "smart" PDF format, allowing professionals to focus their valuable time on making better decisions faster.

About the author

DigitalOwl is the leading InsurTech platform empowering insurance professionals to transform complex medical data into actionable insights with unprecedented speed and accuracy. “View,” “Triage,” “Connect” and “Chat,” with medical data for faster, smarter medical reviews, and create “Workflows” to experience dramatic time savings with fast, flexible decision trees.