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DigitalOwl welcomes Christian Vance as Sales Director, Channels and Partnerships

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February 4, 2022
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DigitalOwl welcomes Christian Vance as Sales Director, Channels and Partnerships. Christian will be instrumental in developing and executing on our Channel and Partnership strategy by using his ability as a creative solution partner to bridge the business needs of all stakeholders to deliver winning solutions to customers.

Christian has spent over 25 years helping enterprise and small to mid-sized businesses leverage technology and data to fuel their digital transformation, creating operational efficiencies in their processes and driving value for their customers.

In his role, Christian will use his knowledge and in-depth experience in developing channel and partner relationships in Insurance, and Tech industries and our Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform to improve the workflow for medical data.

DigitalOwl is excited to tap into his passion for helping organizations as they integrate digital technology into all areas of their business, fundamentally changing how they operate and deliver solutions to their customers.

Yuval Man
Co-Founder & CEO
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As the Co-Founder & CEO of DigitalOwl, Yuval Man empowers insurance companies to unlock the full potential of their medical data for better outcomes by harnessing the transformative powers of AI to streamline and elevate the review of medical data.