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DigitalOwl welcomes Hila Schvartzman as Vice President of Operations.

Hila has more than a decade of experience in the financial and insurance industry, leading complex projects and improving operational processes in large organizations.

She is an experienced professional with deep understanding of business needs, detail oriented, a strategic thinker, able to prioritize multiple and dependent tasks, and to lead and promote operational efficiency processes in order to meet business goals.

Hila is also able to adapt to changing and unexpected requirements quickly as well as resolve problems and conflicts in the various domains.

About DigitalOwl

DigitalOwl offers an innovative technology solution for analyzing and summarizing medical records for the insurance industry. The company has introduced the first and only machine learning platform that interprets medical records and assists underwriters and claim adjusters in their work. A deep understanding of the medical text creates a focused set of medical data points in a robust, meaningfully summarized format. Data is arranged chronologically, allowing the user to search and filter the information by medical condition, date, body system, and more. The complete history is contained within a few pages rather than hundreds, allowing clients to speed up their medical records review process and free up their talented resources to focus more time on critical activities. For more information about DigitalOwl, visit

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