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DigitalOwl’s Digital Medical Abstract V4.0 is 5x More Succinct

At DigitalOwl, we pride ourselves on constantly striving to improve and optimize the efficiency of our products. Recently, we focused on enhancing the succinctness of our Digital Medical Abstract (DMA) and Digital Underwriting Abstract (DUA).

This helped to make the abstracts more concise and easier to read, while still providing all the necessary information for effective decision-making.

By making the abstracts as short and concise as possible, we were able to significantly reduce the number of pages. In fact, we were able to achieve a 5x reduction in the number of pages, making our DMA and DUA much more efficient and easier to use.

By having fewer medical items to browse, less text and fewer pages, we were able to greatly enhance the succinctness of our DMA and DUA without sacrificing any relevant medical information. This has made our products more efficient and effective.

Here are three key ways we were able to achieve the perfect balance of making the abstracts as short as possible for efficiency and speed while surfacing all the relevant information for the most effective decision-making:

  1. Group similar items: To make our DMA and DUA as efficient and easy to use as possible, we introduced the concept of “distinctive groups” into our proprietary medical/insurance/legal database. This allowed us to group similar medical terms into one cohesive concept, ensuring that the information we included was neither too specific nor too general. This made it easier for users to browse and understand the medical information in our DMA and DUA.

  2. Remove non-essential items: We introduced an updated severity filtering system that allows us to remove irrelevant information based on the use case or line of business. This helps to eliminate any unnecessary or redundant information, making the abstracts more concise and easier to read. To read more about DigitalOwl’s severity filtering please click here.

  3. Split to shorter lists: By separating symptoms from diagnoses and procedures in our DMA and DUA, we were able to create shorter lists that users can focus on more easily. This helped to make the abstracts more streamlined and efficient, allowing users to quickly find the information they need.

We are always looking for ways to continue improving and optimizing our products and are committed to providing the most efficient and effective solutions to our customers.

I hope that V4.0 will help and empower you and your team to streamline the workflow.

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