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What is DigitalOwl?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Hi, and thank you for wanting to learn more about DigitalOwl. DigitalOwl developed an AI system for underwriters and claim analysts, primarily working with health-related insurance products such as Life, Disability, Workers' Compensation, Health, Accident, and more.

Insurance companies need to read and analyze hundreds of medical documents per case. The problem is that finding crucial medical information in the medical record can be tedious and time-consuming. Reviewing hundreds of medical pages a day is exhausting, and this inevitably leads to errors. DigitalOwl developed a system that reads, understands, and analyzes medical documents automatically, accurately, and quickly. Using a state-of-the-art NLP engine, the system extracts the relevant medical information that is necessary for assessing risk or managing a claim. A deep understanding of the medical text creates a detailed and complete set of medical data points in a robust, summarized format for the underwriter or claim analyst, allowing them to focus their valuable time on making better decisions, faster.

DigitalOwl's summary is a smart and dynamic PDF. Every condition, every date, every entry is clickable. Using an enhanced "split-screen" experience, the clickable items are always available while you travel and investigate the scanned documents. The high level of accuracy leads to more precise risk selection and claim management and thus better risk results, all while reducing costs and improving productivity, cycle times, and consistency.

The entire insurance industry is based on data and statistics. Why only use a small portion of the relevant data when you can have it all? Enter DigitalOwl's website, at, and request a free demo.

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