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Travels with the OWL

As the leaves turn and smell of pumpkin spice fills the air, our team of Owls (Executives, Partnerships, Sales and Customer Success) flew to all corners of North America making our way to our client’s doors. Similar to Steinbeck when he made his 10,000-mile trek to understand a view of the everyman in their environment, we went in search of our partner’s perspective in their world. A true journey of discovery to see what we could learn and apply for our partners (and maybe a little about ourselves).

It was a wonderful exploration of their office and outside environments. We sometimes get caught up with our running to zoom calls and responding to emails that we forget to take a second to learn about what colleges kids are going to, that chopping wood is an important part of a person’s day or that sometimes celebrating an important family member’s birthday and picking up a cake for that is good reason to be a few seconds late to a meeting. These become the things we can relate to and connect on as we build out our partnership.

Amongst the talk of where to get cowboy boots and chatter at shared meals, we were able to walk away with a few important lessons, especially for our partners in the legal space to improve our summaries and extractions:

Importance of medical extractions and flexibility of terms

The impact of time and legislation are important to the use of extractions from medical records. The focus one moment for legal cases, especially mass torts cases, could be an ovarian cancer diagnosis, a pharmaceutical prescription or even the mention of a soldier’s deployment in a medical record. The need for the AI model to be flexible and to learn quickly to elevate these terms for review by the legal experts is critical in all stages of legal action.

Timeline that is focused on events but must expand to full medical record

Understanding the timeline in a medical record is crucial for faster settlement decisions. Helping to sift through the multiple records and elevating the dates that identify first incident date plus subsequent dates and procedures is important to outlining a proper and timely settlement.

Having a clear and accurate picture of the medical records is key

While medical records, especially those that involve horrific accidents, can create multiple vital readings and procedures, it is important to the overall view and use of records for settlements. The accuracy and ability to elevate all information makes for a stronger push for settlement or a fairer settlement between parties.

Thank you to our key partners in Toronto, Boston and Dallas for hosting and meeting with the team from DigitalOwl. We really enjoyed the opportunity to learn, reconnect and better serve you and your clients.

We look forward to the next couple of months of putting some of those discoveries in our product and really helping you achieve your goals.

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