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Meeting Clients and Discovering New Cities with DigitalOwl

Updated: Jun 1

Exploring the Future of Medical Record Analysis: My first trip as a Customer Success Manager with DigitalOwl

Hi everyone, my name is Haleigh, and I am the new Customer Success Manager at DigitalOwl! One of the many perks of being the Customer Success Manager was the incredible opportunity to visit three cities for the first time: Detroit, Dallas, and Austin. It was so exciting to explore new places, but the best part of the trip was meeting with some of our amazing clients and having insightful conversations about the future of AI.

Yuval Man and Haleigh Long with Samantha the owl, dedicated and wise, effortlessly carrying out her nocturnal duties.

At DigitalOwl, we have introduced the world's first and only machine-learning platform that interprets medical records and assists underwriters and claim adjusters in their work. Our deep understanding of the medical text creates a focused set of medical data points in a robust, meaningfully summarized format. This service allows clients to speed up their medical records review process and free up their talented resources to focus more time on critical activities. DigitalOwl combats all the challenges modern underwriters claim adjusters face, adapting to the ever-changing market, assisting clients in developing and growing new underwriters, and empowering clients with efficient and effective data analysis.

During our client visits, we were excited to highlight the new features of our product and showcase how to use DigitalOwl to its fullest potential. We discussed the importance of utilizing the data cultivated by DigitalOwl to create an internal predictive model. It was fascinating to watch firsthand the value this data had for our clients and the potential it unlocked for them. Yuval Man, our incredible CEO, also gave a fantastic presentation on AI and generative text, showcasing how this technology has enhanced our summaries. Overall, the client visits were a success, as we demonstrated the new features and potential of DigitalOwl, including the importance of utilizing its data to create predictive models, and our CEO's impressive presentation on AI and generative text.

Haleigh Long, Revital Bar-On, and Jennifer Richards from DigitalOwl with Jonas Kavaliauskas with AAA.

As a Customer Success Manager, showcasing our technology to our clients during our recent visits has been an absolute pleasure. There is nothing more important than having person-to-person touch points with our clients and hearing their feedback. We were thrilled to see how positively DigitalOwl has affected our clients. The positive feedback we received has only further reinforced our confidence in our platform's power and its impact on this ever-evolving industry.

DigitalOwl is the leader of the industry with our use of machine learning to revolutionize the analysis and summarization of medical records. With a focus on adapting to the ever-changing market and empowering clients to develop and grow their underwriters, DigitalOwl is poised for continued success as they push the boundaries of what is possible in medical record analysis. I am honored to be a part of such an innovative and exciting company, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more updates from DigitalOwl!

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