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Making EMRs More Useful with MIB

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Our V4 summary truly is the most comprehensive and yet succinct summary that we have produced or that the industry has created. As with all great leaps, it’s a team event.

That team is inclusive of the partners that have provided invaluable feedback for their clients to improve our medical summaries for their legal and insurance clients.

MIB is one of these partners in our ecosystem. MIB has been a great advocate for insurance carriers for over 100 years. Their perspective on medical summaries and the usefulness to Life Carriers goes beyond just the use of the EHR but the industry perspective on how to simplify these records. MIB’s focus on ease of use for the underwriters and guided feedback has helped us with things like improved blood and urine profiles specific for life underwriting. The ability to align with a partner to truly; improve business processes, make a more useful summary, and tell a better story creates unique value with the end users at the ultimate center of the solution.

At DigitalOwl our approach has been to provide medical summaries “for underwriters, by underwriters”, the partnership adds another key industry voice in that approach. We know that applying the feedback we collected to our V4 summaries we can address key challenges with EHRs in the industry like variability in formatting, redundancy of data, and an unstructured narrative to deliver the common format, regardless of EMR provider that MIB’s client’s desire. Let’s look at those challenges:

Unstructured story – EHRs tell a story but sometimes that story is not simple to see with the data being presented. By leveraging AI driven text, we can summarize the EHR and elevate what is being said in the EHR reduce confusion and level set the underwriter.

Redundant data – It not just important to know the type of redundant data that is in the EHR; is this another BMI reading, or the same reading across multiple records? But to organize that data in an easy to locate and review format whilst normalizing to review easily.

Value of medical data – Not all EHR carries the same value, understanding the severity of a condition and how that applies to an underwriter, showing via importance easily the conditions that effect underwriters while giving context to the noise. Diabetes was in the EHR was it family history, is it suspected, does hypertension exist too, was a lab done what is that result? All relevant data points that are at an underwriter’s fingertips with our summaries.

The whole story – Our ability to extract all structured and unstructured information in the EHR even doctor’s notes create the most complete story for the underwriter. Providing an encounter summary for each interaction that is easily consumed by the underwriter with the “breadcrumbs” to lead them back to the source information from the EHR.

Our partnership with MIB has been focused on improving the story the EHR tells the underwriter while providing them the useful data points to support that story, all the way to the source documents. The ability to leverage our knowledge of giving form and function to unstructured data and apply how we classify this information in an underwriter friendly well-organized summary truly makes them useful to underwriter.

DigitalOwl is excited about how our new version and how this will help in MIB’s mission to improve the underwriter’s decision process and their goal of making the EHR as the center of that process.

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