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DigitalOwl Takes on ITC Vegas

Learn more about Mackenna Tobey’s first trip to ITC Vegas and see what InsurTech companies like DigitalOwl have to offer the insurance industry.

Hello everyone, I’m Mackenna Tobey and if we haven’t gotten the pleasure to meet yet, I’m the Account Executive at DigitalOwl. One of the perks of my role is that I’m able to convene with many different professionals all over the insurance industry. That’s why I was excited to attend one of the largest Insurtech events in the country — ITC Vegas.

This was my first time attending ITC Vegas, a gathering that can only be described as the beating heart of insurance innovation. Having the chance to represent DigitalOwl, the event was brimming with other companies and experts all aligned on one topic: AI's monumental impact on modern business practices. The technology present at this meeting was not just altering current operations, it's laying the groundwork for a future ripe with innovation, streamlining processes, and refining workflows to cater to the growing demands of data management.

At ITC, the buzz around DigitalOwl was palpable as we showcased our knack for distilling complex medical data into concise, AI-enhanced summaries. And it's just the beginning — our forthcoming advancements in generative AI are set to revolutionize how insurance underwriters and claims analysts extract essential insights from medical records.

My first encounter with the ITC Vegas landscape unveiled a myriad of channels through which insurance innovation is emerging — from sophisticated platforms to cutting-edge data analytics. The confluence of technology's finest — its creators, financiers, and users — all in one place, all united by the promise AI holds, was nothing short of spectacular.

Our strategic location next to the Biergarten, complemented by our 'relaxation station,' which featured two massage chairs, drew a lively crowd. After Yuval Man, the CEO of DigitalOwl, and the other panel members, Simon Pelletier from Oliver Wyman, Alexandre Douzet from Pumpkin , Dave Rengachery from RGA, and Eugenio Gonzalez from Plug and Play Ventures, presented at ITC, the atmosphere became electric as attendees engaged with our offerings and delved into the DigitalOwl story.

If you didn’t know, our company’s roots trace back nearly six years to Israel, and now, with our global presence spanning the US, Canada, and Israel, DigitalOwl is steering the focus sharply onto medical records analysis. The more conversations I had, the more I understood how our mission resonates within the industry.

But DigitalOwl's commitment extends beyond delivering accessible data outputs. We're pioneering solutions that enable companies to sift through data with precision, empowering users to define and extract what's significant for them.

The spectrum of AI knowledge among the attendees was broad, encompassing carriers, various platforms, and investors — all keen on integrating DigitalOwl's AI tools to enhance their offerings. The diversity of perspectives enriched the dialogue, offering fresh takes on applying AI in insurance.

Wrapping up my Vegas journey, I feel a profound sense of gratitude — not just for the chance to represent DigitalOwl alongside a stellar team, but for the invaluable connections forged. And on top of that, I snagged third place in our company poker tournament! Conversations with industry peers about their specialties have left an indelible mark, and I'm eager to witness the progress we'll all make as we continue to push the envelope.

For those intrigued by DigitalOwl's vision and are keen to explore our AI-driven solutions, I invite you to reach out. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our progress, and as someone new to this space, I am keen to learn and grow alongside our partners and clients.

If you want to learn more about our AI-enhanced medical summaries, and want to schedule your free demo, then be sure to get in touch with me today! Follow DigitalOwl on LinkedIn to stay on top of all things AI and insurance.

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