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DigitalOwl announces appointment of SVP of Sales and Marketing

DigitalOwl, an emerging InsurTech firm with a state-of-the-art technology solution for reviewing medical records, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sean Allen as SVP of Sales and Marketing.

Sean brings over 20 years of experience to the management team, has a proven track record of bringing digital transformation solutions to the insurance industry, and offers a wealth of knowledge in sales and strategy. His commercial experience extends across North America and Europe, adding a strong global perspective to this important leadership role. Sean comes to DigitalOwl from EXL, a leading global insurance services firm.

Commenting on this appointment, Tim Seavey, Managing Director, said:

“We are pleased to welcome a proven commercial leader to the executive team. As DigitalOwl looks to drive exponential growth in the coming months, we are excited to tap into Sean’s expertise in delivering tangible value to clients in the insurance industry, an industry that is ripe for transformation, and expanding our reach to adjacent industries.”

About DigitalOwl

DigitalOwl uses a proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform, developed exclusively for medical records. The DigitalOwl technology solution automatically analyzes medical documents, including extracting medical data from imaged records. A deep understanding of the medical text creates a focused set of medical data points in a robust, meaningfully summarized format. Data is arranged chronologically, allowing the user to search and filter the information by medical condition, date, body system, and more. The complete history is contained within a few pages rather than hundreds, allowing clients to speed up their medical records review process and free up their talented resources to focus more time on critical activities. For more information about DigitalOwl, visit

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